Dark Fantasy Dreamer

aka I dont really care anymore

  • I live in the Nightosphere
  • I was born on August 1
  • My occupation is Computer,that is all.
  • I am Very lazy
  • Dark Fantasy Dreamer

    Okay so I'm just gonna go straight to the point, it wont let me post a comment...on MY OWN PAGE!!! I'm outraged I sat here for twenty minutes trying to figure what to do and came up with nothing! I hate the wikia I want to take a huge big dump on its face! Let me type a comment whoever controls wiki!!! I dont think its fair for me not to be able to type! And on MY OWN WIKI! ICANTEVENEXPRESSMYMADNESS! I want to kill everyone right now! Wait...I think I know why I'm so mad....nevermind go back to your business.....(awkward).

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  • Dark Fantasy Dreamer

    whats up.

    April 29, 2013 by Dark Fantasy Dreamer

    i am so wierded out by my friend madison. i love her to pieces, but really,i dont know where she got her....rage,and anger,and violence,and wierdness. but thats what i love about her! she is kind and sweet.... and she has the rage i wish to have . even though she mocks me alot, and makes fun of my friend Luke. i love her, i mean how cant i ? she is a blessing to me. like alex,and allena, and hattie . i hate it when people talk bad about her and i am so glad she can fight for herself, when i first met her she was really shy and didnt talk alot. now she is totally exciting and out there. i love seeing her smile and i love when she laughs! i love you madison, you are awesome!                                                                    …

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